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Musescore 4 playback is hopeless. 3.6 was fine, but now:
I am getting quiet background notes that I have not written
The looping facility does not heed my flags at all - playback starts at the beginning of the piece and marches past the flags as if they are not there.
Is it an option to go back to 3.6? This is definitely not progress, despite the better sound quality.

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Is it an option to go back to 3.6?

You can run both MS3 and MS4 on your computer. For example, I am still using MS 3.6.2 for my day-to-day music typesetting, but I also have MS 4.0.1 installed so that I can get up to speed with the new version.

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Install both versions. In your documents folder you will then have two sections, one for MS3 and one for MS4.
Take MS4 and save (using 'save as') your score in the MSCX format instead od MSCZ.
Open the MSCX in MS3.

Second way: As MSCZ files are zipped files you may open the MS4 file by using e.g. 7-zip and extract the MSCX file.
Open it in MS3. You will lose your text formatting, especially of title, composer, etc.
Select them and set in the inspector the style of the frame text for these text parts.
See attached the result for MS3.
My recommendation: For the time being, still work with MS3. You can copy the MS3 score to the MS4 folder and open and listen to it there as well.

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