Trills with accidentals

• Feb 3, 2023 - 21:42

I tried the instructions to have trills with accidentals play correctly, but it is not working. These are the steps I am following:
1. Enter e.g. a G♯ on or before the beat of the ornament in a voice you will not use in the same measure, instrument and staff as your note with the ornament.
2. Make all the components of the note you just entered invisible.
3. Make sure that you set the note you just entered to be silent.
See the screen image of my example. In this example, I still get a half-step trill, that is, to G, not G#. If, in the first measure, I place the G# at the beginning of the measure (and hide it and set to Not Play), that measure does trill from F# to G#. But in the subsequent measures, it goes back to a half-step trill, to G Natural. I have also tried adding ties, with no improvement.

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