tempo playing slower than marked

• Feb 4, 2023 - 18:50

I changed my ferrmatta via the index so it would play longer. Well the whole peace slowed down even though I didn't change the tempo. I changed the fermatta back to the original and the peice is still playing to slow. I have it mared cut time with the half note = 100. but the tempo is more like 80. how can I fix this without changing the score?


It would help folk here research your issues if you would attach the score in question. Also, which version of MuseScore are you working with? And, it's possible to change the score to attempt remedies, but NOT SAVE the score, so it remains unchanged...

I had this problem frequently with MS3. Restart your computer.
This may happen when you have different programs using the ASIO audio configuration at the same time.

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