Tête de note en croix

• Feb 5, 2023 - 08:46


Avant lorsque j'écrivais mes tablatures sur MuseScore 3, je pouvais appuyer sur "x" et cela me changeait la tête de note en croix.
Depuis que j'ai MuseScore 4, je ne parviens pas à faire la même chose, et j'ai déjà cherché dans les raccourcis clavier, rien ne semble s'apparenter à changer la tête de note en croix.
Est-ce que quelqu'un sait comment faire sans devoir le faire manuellement à chaque fois svp ?


Propriétés >Apparance >Type de tête de note.
Dans 4.x, et dans 3.x avant, X est utilisé pour retourner la hampe de la note verticalement.

OP feels that X used to turn the notehead into a cross and is missing this feature in 4.x. Notehead can be changed under Properties >Appearance >Notehead type. In reality, X flips the stem of the note vertically in 4.x and in 3.x before it.

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@amsch: you are on the English forum, please, post in the same language.

To be clear: the shortcut to get a cross notehead in TAB staves has never been the "X" alone (used for other purposes, indeed), but Shift + X.
So it seems, I confirm, that such a shortcut is no longer available with V4. An oversight, a regression rather?
Currently, the shortcut Shift + X causes the note/fret to be put in brackets. Is this intentional? Why not if this is the case. But what happens to the original feature (with a specific shortcut) ?

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Thanks but no thanks.
I apologize because I didn't notice that I was on the English forum but you do not answer my problem.
As far as I can recall, I always used simply "x" to change the note head. I specifically mentioned in tablature as for guitar. Of course with regular sheet music it does change the orientation of the stem.
And I know I can change the note head manually.
Now my question was how can I find a shortcut to do it, because there's nothing like it in preferences. But maybe I thought there's another way.
I want to change the note head so it means percussion on guitar.
And I know what I'm doing, I used to write all my tablature on musescore, that means like 20, but with older version. Now I can't install older version and I don't know how to do it in V4.

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