Default line breaks

• Feb 5, 2023 - 17:19

It appears that MS4 (and even a recent MS3) is using a default line break every 5 or 6 bars. But sometimes I just want to use my own. If I try to add a different line break then I end up getting too few bars on the next line. Any idea how to achieve this?


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While Musescore does not add "hard" system breaks by default it does flow music onto a new system when no more will fit on the current system. Often that gives very good results, but sometimes you may want to override those breaks to accommodate page turns or to even out vertical spacing for example. And you can add "hard" system breaks to do that. The "soft" system breaks will still be made if there is too much music to fit between "hard" system breaks. But within the limitations of real geometry you can have system breaks wherever you like.

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Your problem is that there is too much music to fit on that first system with the current settings. Therefore one or more of those settings has to change.

You could try disabling the indentation on the first system, or you could make everything smaller by reducing the staff space scaling, or you could reduce the size of the page margins, or you could decrease the stretch as jm6stringer suggests.

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