Need help separating notes into different staffs

• Feb 5, 2023 - 23:01

Hello! I'm working on transcribing a piece of piano music and as part of this process I used another software at the beginning and imported the note data into musescore. The other software doesn't differentiate between the staffs, so every note is assigned to the bass clef or trebble clef staff depending on where on the piano it falls. There are some parts of the song where the right hand reaches into the bass clef and vice versa, and I have been unable to find a way to quickly change which staff the notes are on. When I select a few notes and press CTRL+SHIFT+up arrow it sends the entire note group up, and changing the beam properties doesn't help either. The only thing that got remotely close was changing the voice of the group I want to move, but then it doesn't connect to the group in the trebble clef. I want to move the selected notes up and join them with the quarter notes on the trebble clef in the picture below. I really don't want to have to manually redo all of the notes so any help would be greatly appretiated!


From MY EXPERIENCE, sometimes the time one spends trying to find an easier or automated way to do something ends up taking longer than the manual, one-instance-at-a-time approach... This may not sound helpful, but it ends up our choice how we use our time working at the notation, especially in a transcription. With further time & experience, you may uncover a way to do this with less time expended.

The sequence ofcommands to do required to do this - splitting the chord into voices, using the selection filter to copy the desired voice to a new stave, and then rejoining the chords - is basically slower and more complicated than doing it manually.

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