Can't uncheck the Play part only checkbox.

• Feb 6, 2023 - 13:50

"Musescore "solos" the Part you're viewing during playback—i.e. no other Parts sound. This is because the Mixer’s “Play Part Only” box is checked by default.

Simply uncheck the “Play Part Only” checkbox if you want hear all play enabled tracks while viewing a Part."

Except in MS3 it is greyed out and cannot be changed. So I loaded 4.0 and that does not even have the check box and it appears to be impossible to hid parts on the score.

I need to show 1 part and paiano whilst still hearing the other parts in oder to create training videos.


It does seem that despite being unable to uncheck it the other parts are playing in 3.0 which leaves the question of 4.0 which has no checkbox and if you load a file from three with parts hidden using 'i' it seems impossible to view them again as the functions in 'i' are different. As usual an 'improved' version is several time worse than the one it replaces.

I'm facing the same issue.
 I want to display the sheet music for the part I'm practicing while isolating the sound of only that part in Musescore.
 In Musescore3, this was possible by unchecking the 'Play Part Only' checkbox in the Mixer window. However, in Musescore4, I can't find a way to achieve this. Is it not possible anymore? I've been sticking with Musescore3 because I can't find this feature in the newer version. If there's a way to do this in Musescore4, could someone please provide guidance?

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For every part you want to hear but not see, try this. Open the Instruments palette. Select the arrow next to the eyeball. Select the new eye to close it. The part disappears from the score, but can still be heard in playback. Mute the sound of the part that is left, in the mixer.

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"Thank you for the explanation. I followed your instructions, but unfortunately, it didn't work as expected. Here's what I tried:

First, in the attached image 1, with the piano eyeball open, the piano sheet music is visible, and as indicated by the green bar, the piano sound is audible.
In image 2, I closed the piano eyeball. As a result, the sheet music is appropriately no longer visible, but unfortunately, the sound is also muted.
In image 3, I tried pressing 'S' (Solo?) for the piano sound. However, the result was the same as in 2, with no piano sound.

It's possible that I misinterpreted the instructions or misunderstood something. Is there a chance that it depends on the specific score? If you could, please verify the instructions. Thank you."

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Sorry, my instructions may not have been very good. The part you missed was about selecting the arrow next to the eye of the channel you wat to hear but not see. In this image, I have selected the arrow of violin 2. Now there is a new line added. close the eye that is circled and the violin 2 part will disappear but will still be heard in playback.

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It worked! Thank you for your help.
I revisited your initial instructions and realized the issue was on my end. Your additional guidance was spot on, and I appreciate your clear instructions.
I can now confidently switch from MuseScore3 to MuseScore4.
Thanks again!

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