French horn staff

• Feb 9, 2023 - 17:39

It was not too hard to make changes in MS3 to things like French Horn staffs using the old Inspector. I like the MS4 method MUCH better using the View>Instruments, etc. For French Horn, I am not writing for four horns, but only one. So how do I get rid of one of the double staves for French Horn or Horn in F?

One method might be to replace it with another TRUMPET staff, then simply re-name it and change the sound on the mixer. But, is there another way to do it using the "Replace Instrument" function in the View>Instruments>Horn setup?


One way would be to, with the score open, hit "I". and in the window that opens select the horn parts. Select the trash can in the upper right. Then from the instrument list on the left add Horn in F.

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