Dynamics in Part Scores, MuseScore 4

• Feb 10, 2023 - 02:32

Something I've noticed in MS4 is that when creating part scores, dynamics (Specifically crescendos and decrescendos) will not show in the part score. When adding a crescendo back (While in part score), it will add ANOTHER crescendo to the full score. This is pretty annoying to work around, as you have to manually go into each part score and add the dynamics that were originally in the full score. Is there a fix to this, or is it a bug? Written dynamics seem to work, like MF or PP, but decrescendos and crescendos (< >) don't.
You can replicate this by creating a score with dynamics, then going into a part score.


There have been a small handful of similar reports, but thus far no one has been able to reproduce the problem. If you have a score where this happens and precise steps to reproduce the problem, please attach the score here and give the steps.

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