Translate from Staff to Solfa from a pdf

• Feb 14, 2023 - 06:59

I have many songs in staff notation which i want to convert to solfa notation. How do i do this?

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But you first need to convert the pdf to a musescore file (.mscz) via Import pdf. I tried the conversion, and it is pretty good, except that you lose all text. But also check the notes carefully. This conversion is experimental and often dubious.
EDIT: Look out for the little gray + signs. Those indicate too many beats in the measure and need to be correcrted via (right click) Measure Properties

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Perhaps the OP means Tonic Solfa, as described here:
which is something different as just naming the notes 'do re mi'

Perhaps this could be used, as it's accepting musicxml.
Also, Sibelius has a solfa plugin. (but the free Sibelius First does not support plugins)
This could also be an option.

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