Anyone Come Up with Good Way to Show PreBends, Bend-Release and Such?

• Sep 26, 2014 - 05:46

Anyone Come Up with Good Way to Show PreBends, Bend-Release and Such?
I have found how to edit the tab bend symbol, but it says "Full" no matter what you do. Also, the shape is really janky.
Does anyone have a good method worked out? I'm really loving 2.0, though.

Musescore 2.0
Win 7

Thanks in advance!



You may edit the default bend (Full).

So: Right-click on the bend -> Bend Properties -> You have access to five bend types. As indicated, you add or remove some points according to your choice.

For example, for the 1/4 bend, you have this configuration:

bend quart.jpg
And for the 1/2:

bend demi.jpg

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That's really helpful. Thank you.

How do you indicate which note you are prebending from?
and can you have a different note in the staff and tab?
For example, in the staff you might right Eb, then D, put a slur mark on it. Prebend the D up to Eb and release into D. On Guitar, this could be done by prebending the second string, third fret note (D) up to the Eb.
The staff below shows the Eb as a fouth fret note. I'm not clear on how to make the prebend notes obvious to the reader. Do I use grace notes?
Thanks in advance. I will attach image.

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I realize this is late but I thought I'd add to clear up any confusion for the next person to find this post.

The note you are bending to is specified by the bend amount and NOT by a note/tab head. Doing both is redundant and harder to read. Removing the grace note in your last bar and using the bend tool in standard notation will be perfectly clear to anyone who reads sheet music for guitar as well as have accurate MIDI playback.

See the handbook page for more help:

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