All Hairpins Disappear in Parts View

• Feb 20, 2023 - 21:57

This problem suddenly appeared when working on the score today. Yesterday I was working on the score and didn't have this issue, but today when I open a score part none of the hairpins or tremolos appear. They still exist in the main score, and Musescore still plays them. Also when I open the Flute.1 part the hairpins and whatnot are there, but there are two of each tempo marking and rehearsal letter, and I cant seem to make them go away.
The score exports the parts like this and I'm desperate for a solution.

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Philharmonic Score 7.3.mscz 454.4 KB


I also am getting this error in my file as well! It's happened in multiple files for me as well. A fix would be appreciated. I have wasted so much time re-writing hairpins just to export the part PDF files.

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