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• Feb 21, 2023 - 00:01

How do you delete a score?


"How do you delete a score?"

On your own computer: use the computer's operating system for file management. On Windows, use File Explorer which has a right-click Delete option.

Online on got to My Scores and find your score. Then open that score online, and open the "3 dots" menu (top right next to the score title). The last option in the menu is "Delete this score".

Since it's been 4 days since your post with no further questions, I imagine you were't asking "how do I delete a score -- from the MS4 score selection window". If that's the kind of deleting you meant, I believe you exit MS4, move or remove said score (from the 'Scores' subdirectory, or to another location). Then start MS4, and the score in question should not appear.

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This has been a nightmare. I was trying to save the custom template I created in MS3 to MS4 but it wasn't working properly. It was like a SciFi movie where they tried to transport someone but the molecules got mixed up and the guy ended up being a fly. My attempts to recreate the template had many fails as well. I finally have an acceptable version, similar enough to the original to work. I need to delete all my first attempts and I can't find a way to do that. How do I "remove said score from the subdirector or to another location"? They're all still annoyingly in there.

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On my Ubuntu Linux computer, I use a file management program called 'Dolphin'. It allows me to navigate the files & folders. That program also has the facility to rename/move/add/delete files.

The particulars of "naming conventions" in each of Linux / macOS / Windows all vary, but the concept is the same. Scores (or templates, we'll focus on next) are - by convention - kept in the 'Scores' folder, a sub-area of the 'MuseScore3' (or 'MuseScore4') folder, which is a sub-area of 'Documents' folder.

On whatever operating system you use, there will be a file management program available. You would use that to navigate to the 'Scores' folder, and then delete or move those files that annoy you. How to do that is a function of learning your file management program. I recommend MOVING files that annoy you, unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure you want to delete things. If you create a "safety folder" somewhere outside of the directory tree that MuseScore uses, that's where you can MOVE things to. At some future date, knowing these moved items are OK to delete permanently, then you can do such.

I don't quite understand what you mean by 'template'. If you mean a MS score that acts as a template, then we're talking word semantics. To my knowledge, MS3 or MS4 has no facility to "save (a score) as a template". But, WE can create a "sort of template" of a score, and even name it in a way that we recognize.

Let's say I'm going to create 5 different compositions for piano / viola / flute. I could create the initial, empty score, with arbitrary meter/key signature/tempo. I could save that as "pno_vla_flu_template.mscz". It is my figurative template. I load it up, adjust it as needed, compose the first piece. Then i would SAVE FILE AS, say, "pno_vla_flu_score_1.mscz". I close that composition, load up the "pno_fla_flu-template.mscz", adjust as needed, compose the SECOND piece, saving it as, say, "pno_vla_flu_score_2.mscz".

If your notion of template is something else... what do you mean? Thanks.

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Oh boy, you kind of lost me in the first paragraph. I did find a way to delete files so that's ok, I think. They still appear in Musescore but I'm going to assume that's just files I've opened recently. I'm a Baby Boomer church handbell choir composer, not a composer. That may explain my cluelessness. Thank you for your persistent help.

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