Hide standard staff in a linked stave pair

• Feb 23, 2023 - 03:50

I have created a tablature staff from a standard staff of music. I wish now to print only the tablature, so how is the standard staff hidden?

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Unfortunately there's no option for this in MuseScore 3. However I set up an example in MuseScore 4.

In the attached edition of your score the main score has both staves showing. In museScore 4—in the Score>Instrument panel—you can toggle the visibility of any instrument. (NOTE: This was possible in MuseScore 3, but through in the Instrument dialog ... except not for staves within an Instrument, such as a linked staff.)

But in museScore 4 you can toggle open your ukulele Instrument and set the visibility of any stave via the eyeball icons. The default is both staves showing. But you can poke the "eye" to close it for either stave. If you toggle both "eyes" off the score looks empty.

I also added a Part and set the part to hide the treble clef. So you can have your main score show everything and set the Part to show either just the treble staff, just the tablature staff (or both, which would be redundant to the main score.)

See the attached score.


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Whoa! Thank you for your swift and expert response scorster! I will definitely give it a look, but expect it will be just as simple as you suggest. I do recall seeing the eye icon in v4 for toggling line visibility; I am pleased to learn it will work with a linked stave.

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