Problem with internet connection?

• Feb 25, 2023 - 17:00

When I try to look at my profile or upload a pdf file, I get the message "An internal server error occurred". It happens no matter what network I am on in my hometown (Nuuk) in Greenland, but not if I do it when I visit Denmark. For that, reason I think it has to do with my IP address being blocked or something like that. The other possibility is that the internet provider in Nuuk has blocked your side, but why that should happen I can't guess.
I never get to the point where I can upload a file, so there is no reason to send you a file.
I hope you can do something about it, since it is getting irritating to pay for at service I can't access.


Armed with this info, I suggest you reach out to your Nuuk ISP company, whom you PAY. Highlight the fact the problem does NOT follow you to a different country. Not in a blame way, but just an observation...

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Driver: Mr. Mechanic, my car has a problem.
Mechanic: Yes, your car has a problem.
Driver: Since you know my car has a problem, WHAT IS the problem?
Mechanic: Your problem has to be fixed by the company that makes the car.
Driver: Are you not a person who works on cars? To fix them?

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