Can't get multiple figures over single bass note in MuseScore 4?

• Feb 27, 2023 - 01:57

The commands to input multiple figured bass symbols over a single note isn't working for me (e.g., command-5, command-6, etc). I did this all the time in MuseScore 3 but it's not working in MuseScore 4 on macOS 13.2.

For reference, this is what I'm referring to:


IMO, you've introduced the challenge, but all we know of your experience is that "it's not working"... HOW is it not working? Care to attach a score and point out measure(s) where you've tried? And maybe elaborate what you do, and what you get that is not to your intention...

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Nothing at all happens. It doesn’t shift the figured bass input cursor rhythmically forward. For example if I need to put two figures over a single whole note, I type in the first figure on beat 1, hit command-6 to shift a half note and type in the second figure on beat 3. It’s like it’s ignoring this set of commands. I have this problem in blank scores and when editing scores I made before.

I tried resetting MuseScore’s preferences. I also tried changing the keyboard shortcuts to something different. Neither of these worked.

I can still do it in MuseScore 3 at least.

These particular shortcuts don't work currently indeed. It's a known issue with a pending fix, but it not in the upcoming 4.0.2 - more likely in 4.1, since there are many aspects to the change that require further development and testing.

Meanwhile, it does work to redefine the shortcuts to use only commands that are normally active during figured bass entry, like space (in conjunction with Shift, Ctrl, Option, etc).

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Hi Marc,

could you please clarify what you mean in your second point? I've redefined the shortcuts ctrl+3, ctrl+4 etc. but I still can't get this feature to work. Are you saying that it is possible?

Currently, the only workaround I have found is to enter extra notes in another voice, add figures to those notes, and then make the notes invisible. As you can imagine, this is a massive hassle for something that was previously very straightforward and which is required a lot!

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I mean, if you redefine those shortcuts and specifically choose a key combination that MuseScore is looking for anyhow - combinations involving Space or cursor keys (and semicolon, for chord symbols) in conjunction with the modifiers - it does work. It doesn't work if you choose something that involves characters that are valid for input within a figure, but it does if you restrict your choices to the things that normally trigger navigation anyhow but simply add modifiers.

So for instance, I have eighth and half note advance redefined to Alt+Space and Ctrl+Alt+Right. So in effect, to make adding Alt halve the normal duration of Space Ctrl+Right (beat or measure advance).

You probably can't find enough workable combinations to replace all the different options, but you can get the most common ones.

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