Ties between bars in Guitar Tablature

• Mar 1, 2023 - 20:21

Hi there, in tablature when I add a note that ties across a barline and leaves the equivalent of a crotchet in the next bar (i.e. there's a quaver left of a bar but I want to make it a dotted crotchet stretching into the next bar), Musescore instead creates two quavers in the second bar and the player plays them as separate notes. It also looks untidy and confuses students. I send recordings to students and it can be a workflow killer to have to amend every note that does this. I can find workarounds: 1 - by putting the dotted crotchet into the standard notation stave if I'm using a shared staff of tab and notation, but I don't always use notation with tabs (teaching and some novice students don't read notation). 2 - I can go back and change the two quavers into a crotchet, but the default is still clunky. Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrectly? TIA

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Sorry, I'm not following. Just to clarify - that is what is automatically generated when I add a dotted crotchet starting on the '4+' of the first bar. I suppose my question is - why does Musescore do this, and why not auto generate a crotchet instead of two quavers that play individually?

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Sigh - this is baffling. I've just gone back into the test score and currently it DOES add a crotchet in the second bar - but it doesn't always do that, or I wouldn't have felt the need to come onto the forum! It happened to me yesterday whilst making a tab and thought I'd come and ask but it seems I'm not sure exactly what circumstances are needed for it to occur. So can't replicate the issue..

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