corrupted file unopenable

• Mar 2, 2023 - 19:49

Working on a score and won´t open today. Tried uncompressing it but still could not get it to work. Dosn´t even appear on the recent scores.

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Inception.mscz 303.34 KB


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Hi, sorry me again. Again after saving, it returns as a corrupted file. This time I managed to find the mscx file but only in a musescore 4 form which is still corrupted and wont open. I would like to convert it into a music xml file and finish working with it on musescore 3. Can you help. Also some very strange things are happening with the strings on playback. ending bars early or continuing to play. Also double stopped notes are only playing as the lower pitch.

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Inception_1.mscx 957.18 KB

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