Docs created in previous MS versions corrupted by MuseScore 04

• Mar 7, 2023 - 19:54

I've tried opening some previous pieces (either downloaded or created myself) and MS 4 seems to open and play them fine, but if I update and save them in any way, they corrupt.

This affects both v2 and v3 docs.

Not that it matters to anyone other than me, I've lost a lot of work over the last couple of days by updating older pieces and then trying to open them today to find they're trashed.

Is there a workaround for this other than opening the original, exporting it to musicxml, opening it in MS 4, changing the layout, making all the changes, then saving it as a MuseScore 4 file?



Don't open any MS2 or MS3 'master' scores in MS4.
Create a new folder and take a copy of any MS2, MS3 scores that you want to use with MS4. At least if anything gets corrupted then you won't trash your masters.

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In principle, of course there is no problem. But I think that there is less chance of accidents if users copy scores to another folder. It is all too easy to accidentally use Save instead of using Save As.

One quick press of Ctrl-S and you could corrupt beyond retrievability a score which took many hours to create.
It's just not worth the risk.

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or if MS4 misbehaves - as may be a possibility in this case.
It's just not worth the risk with new/unstable software.

• Will the bugs get fixed? Yes.
• Will this fix corrupted scores? No.
• Is there the potential to lose hours of work? Yes.
• Is it worth the risk? No.

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I see no overwrite warning on MacOS 13.2.1 ... and I've been meaning to mention that as an issue.

• Open an MS3 score in MS4
• Make a change (or not)
• File>Save
• MS4's Save dialog appears with the options of saving to the cloud or to your computer, but there's no overwrite warning.
• Press the "Save to Computer" button

Result: MS4 overwrites the MS3 score without warning.

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"Why not opening Mu1, 2 or 3 score with Mu4? The important part is to not save over those, but use Save As and into a different folder or under an otherwise different filename"

I have. And when I tried to open them the next day they were mangled.

That's why I had to do the export to musicxml, re-open, change layout, add all the parts that were torched, and save again as an MS 4 file.

My process isn't great, but at least I know it works.

Sorry, I'm between lessons, so have to run.

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