Midi output incorrect in Musescore 2.0 for particular midi song

• Sep 26, 2014 - 20:48

In Musescore 2.0 Nightly build the instrument output for "Daddy cool" midi is very incorrect upon playback. (Midi link is http://www.free-midi.org/song/boney_m-daddy_cool.html)

Musescore 1.3 plays this midi more accurately and best (accurate) output is in an audio player like Audacious.

So 2.0 build is importing the instruments incorrectly or is it something else?


Do you specifically mean the fact that drums play using a piano sound? It doesn't seem better to me 1.3 - still uses a piano instead of drums.

I also see that 1.3 thinks the file is in 4/4 but 2.0 thinks it is in 3/4. And that seems to be messing up the rhythm of the piano part and probably more besides.

I don't know a ton about MIDI, but assume that's a result of the file being encoded in a non-standard way - not using the proper channel for drums, not indicating time signature properly.

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Well, there seems to be an extra instrument added, a whistle which is completely out sequence from the song. It may be a drum track because it come in about 6 beats every time.

As Muse 1.3 plays the mentioned midi file sufficiently correctly and the audio player (Audacious) plays it as it should sound then i think the encoding of the file should be okay.

Its just not matching up to the instruments in 2.0 in terms of what instruments it needs to play and what its playing.

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It would still help if you described *exactly* what problems you hear. To me, 1.3 sounds not close to the original either - it has no drums whatsoever, and the original has very prominent percussion.

Remember that MuseScore is *notation* software first and foremost. So even though some other program plays a file back as you expect, that doesn't mean it neccesarily has all the information a notation program would need.

Hi there,

We need a bit more information on why you think the MIDI output is incorrect.

First of all - are you importing this MIDI file into MuseScore 2 beta from the page you mention?

If so - exactly what are the discrepancies between what you expect to happen, and what actually happens?

I would suspect that actually the most accurate rendition of the file would be in a specialist MIDI sequencer such as Cubase or Sonar X2

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