Stemless slashmarks AND normal notes in the same measure

• Mar 9, 2023 - 20:57


I want to know if there's a way to use stemless slashmarks and still be able to write standard notation in the same measure. I need this to indicate to the player to improvise or to play "simile" for only parts of some measures. It's also useful in many other cases.

For now my only way of making stemless slashmarks is by filling a bar with quarter notes, then changing the notehead to "slash", then right clicking on the measure - "measure properties" - check the "stemless" box.

However, this forces all the notes in that measure to be stemless.

Is there any solution to this in the current version?



I don't know the official way but this is what I do...
place rests where you want the slashes to be, then add the rest of the notes you want in that bar. Then use the 'inspector' to make the rests invisible. Now place slashes from the 'breaths & pauses' master palette (I use the double slash). Now, re-position the slashes over the (invisible) rests or where ever you want. Its a bit fiddly but you can use copy and paste once you've got a bar set up.
Hope this helps you.

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