BUG? Musescore 4 Import Midi Files in Piano Staff

• Mar 9, 2023 - 23:03

Really love musescore 4!! But when opening a midi file generated with ProTools/Reaper/Ableton it automatically defaults any track to piano staff.
I thought it would be easy to change the staff but unfortunately it's a little bit more complex than that: Musescore automatically merges my instruments in groups of two. For example, let's say I have a midi file containing 4 instruments, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola and Cello when I open it musescore defaults my midi into 2 piano staves, Violin 1 and 2 to one piano staff (Violin 1 goes to treble and Violin 2 goes to bass clef..when in range...so almost never) and Viola and Cello go to another piano staff as above...This comes with a lot of headaches because it also automatically defaults voices that are too high into the treble clef (as it should, if it was a piano part)...so all of the sudden Violin 1 and 2 are all crumbled up in one staff, some of the cello is on the bass clef and some is on the treble clef as separate voice. I tried importing 3 tracks (Violin, Viola and Cello for example) and I end up with 1 piano staff (Violin and Viola) and 1 single staff for cello.
I thought it was something wrong with my midi files so I tried importing the same exact midis into Sibelius or Finale and this does not occur. Here is a screenshot of my import tab settings.

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