"Please Rate This Score" Popup

• Mar 11, 2023 - 13:50

Like many people I like to give my opinion on just about any topic, issue,...or score. However, I loathe any attempt to be forced to do so by the incessant popups demanding I rate a score.

Seriously, the same query is to the right of the score, so there is no need for a popup, especially the continuous string of them every time a user does something with/to the score.

PLEASE! Get rid of the popup.


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Thanks for the links. The first one does not seem to address the issue. The second one seems to be an adjunct to this one.

This forum, according to its title, is for support. But hey, maybe my definition of support is different from everyone else's.

Which leads to another problem - two separate sites with mirroring information so someone looking for some help gets told to go to the other one in a never ending loop.

Seriously, Musescore is a great work, but this split personality is for the birds.

Yes, I'm posting this one there, too.

I also have this "problem". Mostly when I want to download a score but can't because it's protected. Then I find it ridiculous to ask to rate the score. How can I do that if I can't see it?

YES! Thank you, Ohmo, for calling this out. The "rate this score" popup is incredibly unfriendly to users. It feels especially thoughtless when it pops up each time you view the piece. Not just in a piece, but if you are in full screen it will wait until you make it to the last page of the song to pop up and block your screen. As a paying user, I get a pop up at the end of performances all the time. Please Musescore, give us the option to permanently turn these prompts off.

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This forum is run by users of the free software and provides help with using the software, scoring, musical queries. Nowhere on this forum (might be different on musescore.com, who knows?) does it say that support is offered for the musescore.com site. Anything relating to the commercial site musescore.com is handled (or not) by support there. Using this forum to air complaints about the musecore.com site can result in a mixed response.

If you are using an adblocker, such as uBlock Origin, it is possible to create rules that stop the popups from appearing. Open the settings menu in your adblocker and look for "My filters" or something similar. Paste the following lines:

# Removes "Please rate this score"
musescore.com##[class^="jZuN8 PqMc3"]
musescore.com##[class^="f2jX9 Z_3ew Z_9B6"]
musescore.com##[class^="KkvbQ FCSZc"]

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