Crash on Add Instrument and Move to Top of Staff Stack

• Mar 13, 2023 - 16:03

Steps to reproduce:
1. Load attached score.
2. Activate the Instruments tab.
3. Add a piano.
4. Move the new piano to the top of the list of instruments.
5. Click [Ok]

Result (in version 4.0.2):
1. The new piano staff gets added, but with no lines.
2. Attempting to quit MU4 results in the dialog asking whether I want to save the changes. Whether I respond with [Save] or [Don't Save], MU4 crashes.
3. If I do save the score, attempting to re-open it (after restarting Musescore) results in a message that it is corrupted. Details of the corruption are shown in the second attachment.

Attachment Size
Add Piano Crash Test.mscz 405.16 KB
Add Piano Corrupted Score.png 43.8 KB


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