Cloud storage with something like git

• Mar 14, 2023 - 18:48

Hey there.

I am a hobby software developer and deep in love with git. The concept of having a server (maybe self hosted, maybe hosted by a company like GitHub) and the ability to reset my entire project to a former version, or just to see what changed in between two versions is just amazing.

Also there is a personal aspect to that feature request because today I can only use some crappy cloud storage service to store the different versions of my scores, but this is storage expensive.

I would be amazed to have a feature like git, maybe in a more graphical way with nice colours to highlight what has changed from previous uploads.


Hi Klavierclemen. Yeah, git's pretty cool. And with a UI something like the "Meld" file comparison app. Yeap!

Git implementation could be pretty straightforward, treating storage and versioning like any other file. The kicker is the graphical display for version changes. Huge programming requirements with a small user base.

My opinion anyway. Could be wrong.

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