Musescore crashes when a specific sequence of accidentals is entered

• Mar 17, 2023 - 02:33

I attached a YT video showing the problem.
I'm in Bb minor (Db major) and add the notes B F G A with my keyboard (comes out as Bb F Gb Ab as it should). However, if I change the Gb to a G natural, musescore crashes.
Pretty minor but I thought I'd mention it
Here's the YT:


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After tinkering around a bit, here's a more detailed explanation of how I was able to reproduce it:
- Set a key signature that isn't Cmaj/Amin
- Enter note input mode and add a note affected by the key signature.
- Add some more note(s), then Ctrl+Z back to the note affected by the key signature
- Use arrow keys to change the note
Attached is a YT video of a different instrument, key signature, and time signature, as well as a keyboard overlay so you can get an idea of the process. I added the MSCZ file shown in the video, as well

edit: oops here's that video:

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Crash Example1.mscz 16.75 KB

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