Revision No and date format

• Mar 19, 2023 - 16:56

I am using Footer text to keep track of the version and the date of last revision of the score I am editing. Started in Musescore ver. 3, now in ver. 4.0.2. All worked fine with v.3, but in v.4 I came across a problem. When I add version/revision No. of the score, I go to File->Project Properties-> Add new property, then I add Property "workNumber" and add respective digit as a value. Works good. But comes next revision and I do not see Property "workNumber" in the Project Properties, all added Properties are gone. I have to add Property once again. Is it a bug or there is a solution?
And a question: I also use a revision date and it will appear in format mm/dd/yy. Is it possible somehow to change format to dd/mm/yy or better to dd/mm/yyyy?
Many thanks!


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