Musescore 4 PAGE VIEW

• Mar 21, 2023 - 00:10

When I use page view I only see the first page of the score. I can see the whole score if I choose continuous view (vertical). Is there a setting to scroll through the whole scores individual pages?


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Thanks for the reply but I didn't see where I can fix the problem I'm having. I have a score that is six pages long. When I open the file Musescore 4 only displays only the first page of the score UNLESS I choose continuous view (vertical) then I see the whole score as one continuous long page. I would prefer to have 6 individual pages to scroll through than one long page.

Be sure to select 'Page view' (at bottom of screen).
Go to menu item: Edit > Preferences > Canvas and select 'Vertical' in the Scroll pages area. Click OK.
Using the mouse wheel to scroll, you should see the various page numbers (and any footers) - instead of the "one long page" provided by "continuous view (vertical)".

Selecting 'Horizontal" will require using Shift + mouse wheel to scroll (horizontally) the pages:

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