A file got deleted when transformed to musescore 3

• Mar 22, 2023 - 18:17

I made a piece in musescore 4, and then opened it in musescore 3. The program said the file was written in musescore 4 and there might be some changes when displayed in musescore 3. I opened it and it was completely empty. I accidentally pressed 'save' and now when I open it in musescore 4 it's just an empty file. Is there any chance I can recover the file instead of writing the whole piece from the start?


There is a backup folder in your MU4 Scores folder. But it is "Hidden". Look up how to view hidden folder for your OS. There may be a back up of your score.
In the future, export a score from MU4 as a MusicXml. Then open that In MU3.

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