Request for reduced latency in MS4

• Mar 23, 2023 - 15:58

I would like to add my voice to those requesting lower latency in MS4. I have read through a number of threads discussing this issue, and have tried various workarounds. Using a second program for realtime piano keyboard sound, and then activating note input in MS to get the idea onto a score works well, as long as MS is muted to remove the late sounding notes. However, if I then want to playback the passage, I must unmute MS to hear it, mute it again to edit it, and then unmute to hear it again. Sometimes I skip the mute/unmute routine, but it is tiring to listen to the double-strike notes. At first blush this may sound like whining, but anything that interrupts the creative process is a genuine problem. And it drives me bask to MS3 since that version does not have this issue.
I wish that I had the skills to contribute to the programming - alas I do not.

Please consider adding this issue to the list.

(Mac Studio with M1 chip, OS 12.6, 64MB memory; Presonus 26c external audio.)


MU3 also does not have anywhere near the playback that MU4 does. For now it seems that there is a price to pay. I doubt that it can be corrected by a few lines of code.
I use MU4 to compose, so I understand about the "creative process". That process has always been intertwined with the tools at hand. Sixty years ago I wrote on paper and seldom ever heard my work.

I suppose you could write in MU3, then open in MU4 to double check. For now,at least.

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