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• Mar 24, 2023 - 01:12

I've updated MuseScore 4 in hopes that the playback problems have been fixed, but apparently not. Playback is choppy, repeats notes, skips and stutters, etc. Is there something that can be done to fix this?


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Could you be a little more specific: what kind of audio interface; and does it work with all operating systems? I, too, have an outdated laptop and am almost ignorant on the subject. I have only ever been involved in music publishing and very little in audio.

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How did you install MU4? It is possible to download it directly,by itself. In that case you did not install Muse Sounds.
Or did you download the Muse Hub. That installs the Hub and then MU4 followed by Muse Sounds.
Either way, with MU4 open, go to View/Playback setup. This is where you would activate Muse Sounds, if you have them.
MU4 needs an SSD because they are many times faster than a HDD.
If you are on a laptop, you probably can't switch out the CPU to get 8 core functionality. Well, maybe if you take it to a shop and pay not only for a new CPU (several hundred dollars), but the labor for someone to dismantle your computer down to the motherboard, if possible.

By the way, your original post says sound is distorted. Can you describe in a little more detail. Because you might have a different problem. Are there stutters and dropouts, for example?

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Hello, I really appreciate you taking the time to try to help me.
In the View/Playback, Muse Sounds is checked as the default.
I'm using a desktop PC. I'll check with my Geek Squad to see if they can install an SSD.
The sound that I'm getting stutters, with notes repeating rapidly, then trailing off. When I click on a single note, it plays that note twice, then sort of tails off with a fuzzy echoing sound.

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I wish that I could say that there was some kind of magic bullet that would make MU4 play correctly. I can't. There are those who have very powerful computers that are having trouble.
All I can say is that the one computer I have that meets the specs, works well with MU4.
I have two others that lack powerful enough CPU's, But have an SSD and the needed ram. They work with MU4 but need all the adjustments in the How TO plus an audio interface (a cheap one works fine). An SSD make everything work faster. Even bootup My desktop boots to the desktop in about 17 seconds.

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Good playback is possible even with out the required specs. But you have to make some changes. I once broke the mic/ headphone jack on an old computer. I bought a USB replacement for very little money and it has made the difference for my underpowered computers. That and the settings in my link.

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