Infinite note sustain

• Mar 25, 2023 - 12:01

I updated to 4.02 and now when I enter notes with my midi keyboard they sustain indefinitely. It does this even on a new score. It does it during playback but not if I start it from the beginning.
Has anyone else experienced this problem or know how to fix it?


More info will help. macOS, Linux, Windows? How is the MIDI keyboard connected? You say you updated - does this mean you were using Mu3.6.2? If so, did your MIDI keyboard work OK in the older program? For this "sustain indefinitely" thing, if it happens during playback... what, are you pressing keys on the MIDI keyboard DURING playback? If so, why? Have you looked in Mu4.0.2 Preferences for MIDI keyboard settings? Can we see what those settings are (take a screen capture)?

I have a similar issue with sustains. At the end of my score, several instruments play a multi-bar single note. However, one (of 3 in unison) keeps on going for an extra bar or so...even if I cancel out any of them.

I have found that when the bug has happened to me, I have to delete the part and then make all the music again. I have tried to copy-paste it again but the bug comes back with it. You would have to screenshot all your progress and re-make it. Quite a setback, of course, but it has fixed it for me. Hope this helps!

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