Modal Temperament not working on MuseScore 4

• Mar 25, 2023 - 13:54

I've been trying to use Modal Temperament on MuseScore 4 (more specifically, version 4.0.2) and it doesn't work (either that or I'm somehow using it wrong, but its use seems to be very intuitive). It doesn't matter what I do, the result is always played in equal temperament. I know it doesn't work with Muse Sounds, so I used MS Basic, but it still does not work. I also tryed with different instruments and it is still equal temperament.


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I'm having a similar problem - I use M4 pretty much exclusively for their sound fonts, and do all my other work on M3. I have a single chord I want to tune my orchestra (violin, viola, cello, bass) up 50 cents, but this isn't reflected in playback under the Muse Strings soundfont. Is this something that might be fixed in the future?

from what ive tried to use modal temperament on, only the piano works right now and you have to have the notes written down first

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