Musesounds Problems

• Mar 26, 2023 - 03:49

Not sure if this is just my laptop or everyone, (let me know if it is)

The dynamics sucks. When it crescendos from MF to F, it jumps in sound quickly and drastically once it reaches that forte part of the bar. Marcato's doesn't work, and Woodwinds are way louder then brass, especially Alto and Baritone Saxophone.

Everything else is great.


It's not your laptop. Musesounds has a TON of problems (across all O/S) that Musescore is loathe to discuss in detail.
I suspect it is because they're on track to eventually monetize the platform via MUsehub in some way.
The broad range of sound fonts in V3 has been eliminated in lieu of a very limited -and problematic- instrument inventory of Musesounds. Sure they sound great Adagio, but simply listen to the Solo Violin swelling at anything greater than 80 BPM while making leaps of a sixth, or executing a full measure of sixteenth notes at allegro ; or the SICK trills; or the plastic Staccato...The Oboe sounds like it came out of a Cracker Jack box, I could go on and on. And I have a Rocket iMac.
Try finding a Musescore 4 Musesounds video on Youtube with strings doing virtually anything other than slow tempo orchestration, heavy on half and multi-measure whole notes. Nada.
Now top it off with Musehub requiring ROOT permissions ( for unexplained reasons ) and you have a product being applauded by either Musescore employed sycophants, or pretend composers.
And I loved V3.
This is a giant leap backwards, despite the acknowledged improvement in engraving.

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Brilliant indeed.
Sorry you have nothing to say that helps the OP instead of spouting unconfirmed misconceptions. You have little idea what root access means. And if you think that the Hub is the only software on your computer that has it, think again. Somebody using Linux decided that root access on their machine would open it to third party take over. Sure, that's a concern. But just putting your computer on the net can be a problem.
Are MuseSounds perfect? Of course not. Neither are 35GB of Sibelius sounds. Are the sounds getting better? Slowly, sure. No version of MuseScore has ever pretended to be a finished product.
Monetize MuseScore? Not sure why that would happen. Do you know anything about the concept of open source software?
I don't work for MuseScore and I'm not a pretend composer. But I do have the decency to not insult others. No one has to like, much less use, MuseScore.
Have a nice day.

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