After installing Musescore 4, many things that's using ASIO output will play with noises.

• Mar 26, 2023 - 17:58

Here is my behavior
1. Install Musescore 4
2. Use Musescore 4 normally without any audio setting
3. Close Musescore and restart PC
4. Open Komplete Kontrol
5. Set its output to ASIO
6. Play any sound
7. The sound will come with sound breaking-like noise
8. Also got this issue while using Cubase 12, got the noise and real-time performance go to max time to time
9. Uninstall Musescore 4
10. Restart PC
11. Play sounds on Komplete or Cubase, and the noise is gone

If you know how to have Musescore without having this noise issue, please share.
Thank you!

here is my PC spec, just in case.
Ram 32 GB DDR5 (6000)
SSD WD Black M.2 4.0
Connect with
- SSL 2+ as my Audio interface (with driver installed)
- Samson GO mic
- Mouse & Keyboard
- Komplete Kontrol S88
- Maschine Micro

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