wrong reading cadence ?

• Mar 26, 2023 - 18:38

Hello all,

a mystery...
Yes Yes
listen please to the second bar of the Goldberg variations aria, here:


the white, right hand (note D) is not played at the right time! While the partition is correct!
And I redid the entry myself... same result!!

strange isn't it

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My experience is that if I import music xml, the grace notes sounds «wrong».
I always delete them and enter them «manually” to get the playback ‘correct”.

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well seen, it was important to be pointed out
but be advised, a new "clean" entry on the 3.6 inherits the same genetic defect.
If you can retrofit from v4 that would be great ! (but has V4 eliminate this problem?... I admit that I am not willing to reinstall it to find this out)

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