Re: After slur

• Mar 28, 2023 - 05:35

Is there an easy way to keep the last notehead highlighted after adding a slur to some notes, so that I can use the arrow key to move the highlight to the next note? Currently, seems for adding every slur, I need to use the mouse to highlight the next note which is quite cumbersome.

In Musescore 3, after you add a slur, I can just push Esc and the last notehead would be highlighted and I can just use the arrow key to go to the next note without having to use the mouse.


I guess it probably depends on how you're adding the slurs, but for me, if I select a range and press S to add the slur, simply pressing Right selects the first note of the next phrase.

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Because it's very common to want to adjust a slur after entering it in that way (most slurs aren't just two notes), it probably makes more sense in general for the slur to be selected rather than leaving the note selected. Which is to say, for many use cases, the MU4 way will be more efficient, allowing you to adjust immediately. But for this one special case - a series of slurs of exactly two notes - it is a bit different. Still, I think you do it slightly more efficiently than MU3. After typing S, press Alt+Right twice - to transfer focus first to the second note, then the note after. That beats Esc plus Right twice. Alt+Right is the general navigation shortcut in MuseScore.

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