How to visualize an xml file without any standard layout formatting.

• Mar 28, 2023 - 10:03

I have created my own xml-file and want to show it exactly as written. I cant find any music program, setting or plugin that supports this functionality. In all cases some standard layout overwrites the layout written in the xml-file.


It sounds kind of confusing...
If you want to display (not to edit or to compile/build, only to display) it exactly as it is written then you can try to open it in the Firefox web browser. Firefox 107.0 was able to open an uncompressed XML file, it supports "collapse" and it colour some parts of the syntaxis. But it does not support editing in any way but the "inspector" (F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I).

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Thank you for helping! Im sorry if i was not clear. I want musescore to convert the xml to an image, but i dont want it to format the xml before converting it into the image. I have made some detailed descriptions about measure width, position of the notes, and general layout which it completely ignores, when i import the file to musescore.

You can read the file using Qt FileIO inside a plugin and then display it in plain text format inside a Qt TextArea control.

Clarification: I have created a musicxml-file with detailed layout description, like measure width, position of the notes, and general layout, which is completely ignored every time I import the file to musescore. I there a way to avoid the initial formatting of the xml-file during import?

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