Glissandos Invisible On Part Score

• Mar 29, 2023 - 02:48

I have glissandos inserted in the score and they are visible on the conductor's score. However, once I open an individual part, they are no longer present where they should be. Troubleshooting?

I have no image examples because I cannot locate the screenshot tool on Musescore 4.


There is no screenshot tool in MS4 but most operating systems have a screenshot facility. If you post again and attach the score (the mscz or mscx file), then someone might be able to analyse it and advise.

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I replied your post, which when I saw it did not suggest uploading the score. My reply added such a suggestion and saying that would help rather than the picture which you pointed out would not help and I replied to your comment rather than the original post as my comment seemed to follow more logically if read in the context of your advice. While writing the reply I remembered I had seen something similar on GitHub and so added a link to that. In the mean time it seems you edited your post to include the suggestion to upload the score and so I then deleted that part of my post, but left the information about the GitHub issue which I thought remained possibly useful.

I apologise if I have contravened forum etiquette in some way; put it down to my ignorance.

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