Uploading file to musescore.com gives unknown error

• Mar 29, 2023 - 19:09

I am trying to upload a particular score (enclosed) originally written in MU3 but now edited in MU 4 (version OS: macOS 13.2, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.2-230651546, revision: dbe7c6d). I have no trouble with other files of the same nature (using the same soundfonts), but this one does give me problems (I cannot even upload the file on the Cloud, giving me the same error). It makes me think that the file is corrupted (I tried to make a copy, but the same error occurs).

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Thank, Jojo-Schmiz, this works again. I noticed that the choir voices had reverted from Musesound instruments to Basic sounds, although the organ was still using the Jeux font. I guess the bug crept in with the Musesounds?

PS. Yes, I meant of course musescore.com for posting; I fixed the title of the forum in case anyone is searching for something similar (that's how I found this support forum anyway).

The same issue appeared again in a related score. These are all older MU3 scores with SATB and organ parts belonging to a Missa Brevis I wrote, and which I am now revamping using the Musesounds of MU4. But only some give me this error message after conversion. The corrupted file, which cannot be uploaded onto Musescore.com is attached (ignore the former file, which now works).

Is there any hint as what I can do to prevent this from happening with other scores I want to update?


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Yes, It now works. Strange? Next time, I'll try closing and opening the file again, if that is all it seems to take. Also odd that in the version you provided, the choir (Musesounds) had disappeared yet the Jeux font had stayed; the opposite from what you expected :)


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I did notice BTW the following bug where the published version lists the wrong parts; the AI behind it does not seem to recognize the Musesound fonts (SATB) but instead list them as:
Synthesizer (3), Bass Guitar,
It does recognize the Jeux organ font.

This is all the more annoying as it also takes this erroneous parts as title of the webpage, which would make it less accurately searchable.

See https://musescore.com/user/54471/scores/10583683

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