Musescore still won't open

• Mar 30, 2023 - 18:36

It's three month since the first reportings about a very big problem. Musescore won't start!

I tried all the versions, now I have the 4.0.2. For some reason SOMETIMES, it just starts, then I won't see it opening for days. That is surely depending on the same audio driver problem the developers talked about.

So.. what are the plans?

I'm on Windows 11, Intel CPU. I also use Voicemeeter, but even when it's closed, it won't start.


For troubleshooting, go to Control Panel/Sound and see what the default Audio device is. Make sure it is your motherboard's original device. Not Voicemeeter. You might have to disable Voicemeeter in Device Manager. If MU4 starts you are on the right track. Then It's a matter of finding the Voicemeeter settings that MU4 can use. You might need to dial it way back at first.

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