Turn off automatic placement of notes & rests.

• Mar 30, 2023 - 23:29

Is there no way to turn off the automatic placement? I find it almost impossible to get the notes & rests in the right place, especially if I change a note value. It puts rests in between notes I'm trying to enter, changes note values or deletes notes I already entered, and there's no way to get them where I want them. Everything I do makes it worse & I end up erasing the measure & starting over.


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Thank you - I tried it, but the problem seems to be that the program insists on having either rests or notes that fill the measure. When I add a note, the rests (& sometimes notes) change accordingly, usually upsetting what I have already done, especially if I made a mistake & try to correct it. Is there some way to turn off all the automatic business & let me put things where I want until I get it right? Like putting a rest before a note instead of after. It seems things will only move around within the beat they were placed in.

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Rests in voice1 cannot be deleted (but can be made invisible). Rests in other voices can be deleted. For the rest (pun intended) I don't know too much about it and do not really understand your problem. You would have to share your score and/or examples of what you mean/need...

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Somehow one measure had 5 beats in it (4/4 time signature). I had it broken down into 8th and quarter rests, so didn't notice the extra rests until I got the notes I wanted into it - and it showed two 8th rests left over! They would not delete, so I had to delete that measure & use the following one, which works fine. Also I didn't have my Enter Triplets procedure quite right, so I learned a bit as well. Thanks for your help.

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To fully delete a note, so really removing its beat not just replace it by a rest, use CTRL+DEL rather than just DEL (same is true for a rest : CTRL+DEL).
But if you have "too many notes" it means that you have used insert mode. If that was intentional, fine, but otherwise just avoid it and you won't get too many notes.
In Musescore, you can not "move" notes by inserting other ones, except in insert mode which works measure by measure.
To "move" notes without using insert mode use cut and paste.

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There you go. I didn't know that either.
I've just starting using this program, having tried other ones which had problems with important features. I was almost giving up on MuseScore too until I got your tips on using it. I kept checking the documentation, but it seemed to not cover the stumbling blocks that this forum has cleared up. Thank you all for your help. It's starting to look like an excellent program.

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