B flat automatically changed to F sharp (F Maj changed to G Maj)

• Mar 31, 2023 - 11:16

When i create a new sheet and select F Major (B flat) the tone is automatically converted to G Major (F sharp). The instrument selected is clarinet in B flat. Is there an option to tell Musescore to keep the selected tone "as is" independently of the instrument selected? In this case F Major should be considered as the tone i want to play with my clarinet and kept as required.



I think it takes a little more than just pressing the concert pitch button. The notes then do not sound in Musescore at the same pitch that you hear when you play them on the clarinet.

This is the case with all transposing instruments such as a B♭ clarinet or an F horn or alto saxophone in E♭.
E.g. a C in written pitch of a B♭ clarinet sounds as a B♭. These relationships must be understood.

To get a score in written pitch (concert pitch button: off), you should setup your score with two flats more than your paper sheet for the clarinet shows. Here you should choose E♭ major for the score and not F major - you did that wrong!

Then your clarinet will automatically have F major as its key signature. (The alto saxophone is then in C major, the F horn in B♭ major and a non-transposing instrument like the flute in E♭ major).

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