Are "Snare Drum" samples in Muse Sounds different since January?

• Mar 31, 2023 - 22:11

I really liked the "snare drum" when I was creating some arrangement in December 2022 in Beta version. But now when I tried to open up the arrangement from December, the samples for "snare drum" doesn't sound like snare drum but like hitting wooden piece against another wooden piece (a little bit like castanets). Was this changed on purpose or I am not using snare drum samples correctly?

EDIT: I recorded snippet of the arrangement with correct snare drum samples (first half of ogg file) and the other half of recording is with new "snare drum" that sounds like castanets. Any idea how do I get back the old snare drums vst loaded into MuseScore 4?

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sampleSnare.ogg 453.75 KB

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