Song file corrupted?

• Apr 1, 2023 - 04:44

I have been in the process of going back and updating my old scores with the new MuseScounds. The process had been completely smooth, until I reached this score. When I had tried uploading it earlier this month, the uploading screen was stuck perpetually loading.
When I went back to try and do it again today, MuseScore warned me that the file was "corrupted". I have absolutely no idea why this is occuring as all I did was update the soundfont and some of the notes.


Do you use the latest version of MuseScore (4.0.2.)?

The mscz file is a zipped folder, so open it with a zip tool and extract the mscx file. Try to open that.
In version 3.6.2 it opens without problems.

I opened it in MuS 3.6.2 and found a lot of totally empty measures, not even a whole rest in them.

Yes, these empty measures are caused by an inconstistent naming convention between MuS 3.x and Mus 4.x in the mscx file.
MuS 4: <MeasureRepeat>
MuS 3: <RepeatMeasure>
That is really bad!
So the empty measures aren't the reason.

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Yes, I understood that. And also that I need a Github account to access 3.7, which I don't have so far.

I checked to see if saving and reopening the file in 3.6.2 then reports these errors. Yes it does.
And you can correct this only by adding the same instrument again and copying the 'good' measures into this new staff. Can be a lot of work...

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Good idea (why didn't I think of it myself?) and it works perfectly.
I suspect that the tag "measureRepeatCount" is simply ignored and works too as there are only single measure repeat sign in the above score.

[ replace "MeasureRepeat>" by "RepeatMeasure>" in the mscx file - for others having that problem ]

According to MuseScore, yes, I am using the latest version. I had scrapped the original base drum part entierly and replaced it what the one you see now. I do not recall if I just copied and pasted the notes over to the new one, but if I did, would that be a cause for the issue?
Nevertheless, this was working fine when I had initially began updating the score. I was not getting any corruption warnings until recently, after not having opened this score for nearly a month.
Also, how do I run the RepairAssistant qml file you've linked me to?

Just checked it. It works perfectly well now, I just had to go back and fix the text and make a small change to one part.
The completed version is now back online!
Thank you for your help!

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