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• Apr 2, 2023 - 07:16

I'm going to try again. I tried in the feature request forum, but zero response so I'm repeating here.
The shortcut Shift+S has always worked in note input mode to ADD a staccato mark to the note you just entered (which is still highlighted in blue). This is the same way dynamics and other non-articulation markings work, add fingering, text, crescendo, rehearsal marking, etc. Only articulations now behave as a toggle switch. I can see how that would be useful if I had 8 measures of staccato 8th notes, but that's not the way MOST music works.
Look at the how the process has been made LESS efficient to add an accent pattern to a group of 8th notes. Say one measure of "a's" with accents on 1, & of 2, 4
Old way (MS3):
select 8th notes a shift+v a a a shift+v a a a shift+v a
14 key strokes (counting shift+v as a two strokes)
New way (MS4)
select 8th notes shift+v a shift+v a a shift+v a shift+v a a shift+v a shift+v a
20 key strokes!
6 extra keystrokes in just a single measure of a single part. Imagine writing a 180 measure drumline book with all the varying accent patterns involved. It's driving me crazy that this workflow is objectively WORSE than MS3. Yes, I could just write on MS3 and then open it in 4 for layout, but if I've already started projects in 4 I can't go back.
This is the third time I've posted about this and had not a single reply. Please tell me if this was a conscious choice of the developers WHY this single item (articulations) should behave backwards compared to everything else? It's driving me crazy.
BTW The shortcut still reads "Add staccato", which to be fair is how it behaves in edit mode, but in note input mode the shortcut is really "Toggle staccato".


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Sorry shortcuts are a muscle memory thing. What I meant was shift+s for staccato and shift+v for accent. I’ve edited the original post.
The point still remains that in musescore 3 you could use the shortcut to add an articulation to the note you just entered (as long as the note head is still blue) and in musescore 4 you must first use the shortcut to toggle on the articulation, then enter the note, then toggle off the articulation. This is obviously only a problem if you use a keyboard or midi input device.

In Mu4.0.x, Could you create a test score w/ <10 measures, and 3 or 4 instruments, and do some staccato entry. Along the way, you might take a few screen-shots to show what you mean & what you're doing. Then post the continuing difficulty here?

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Edited the post with the correct (shift+s) or (shift+v) shortcuts for staccatos and accents. The difficulty is entering articulations as you go. The new behavior of MS 4 adds extra keystrokes and is backwards from years of muscle memory. In note entry mode the shortcut has never toggled articulations on/off before. It has always added the articulation to the selected note-the one you just typed. I’ll frequently have my eyes on my paper score as I enter and only look at the computer every few measures only to realize that the note I meant to be staccato is not and all the notes that follow are now marked staccato incorrectly. If the new way were more efficient then I would just go with it but it is noticeably less efficient.

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You can export from MU4 as Musicxml and open that in MU3.

As for your example, I found it much easier and almost the same amount of steps to just fill the measure with eighth notes, CTRL select the needed notes, and then the articulation. I realize that is not your workflow. It involves the mouse, which breaks your flow. And you have to look at the screen more. Just an observation on my part.

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