Cannot explain this strange behaviour.

• Sep 28, 2014 - 12:05

When, in a new score in 2.0, trying to enter the notes in the last measure 14,(see attached file),I am facing a strange behaviour:
When I try to give the (first voice) dotted minim 'g' a horizontal offset, also the dot of the (third voice)minim 'e' moves using the 'Chord' horizontal offset in 'Inspector'.
Also, when changing the stem direction of the second voice quaver notes , suddenly the stem of the first voice dotted minim 'g' appears on the other side of its head. Whatever I try, I cannot change the stem to its original place.
Can someone help me please to emplane this?

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The issue with the dots is this: MuseScore currently requires sets all dots for a given beat position to be in the same vertical plane by default. It's not ideal, but that was a limitation of the original implementation. I did look into fixing this, and it's possible, but didn't look easy enough to just tackle for no good reason. Meanwhile, you can simply move the second dot back.

The stem issue is also simple to explain - when you flip the stemp of that voice up, MuseScore sees the second betweee the voices and tries to arrange the notes the way second normally align - on a diagonal. It doesn't appear to work well because you've moved the voice 2 chord manually. Reset its horizontal position and things look more normal. Or move if further to the right if that's your choice. To unflip the notehead on the voice 1 note, click it and press Shift+X (the command to mirror noteheads) or use the corresponding Inspector property "Mirror head".

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