Accordion Sounds for MuseSound

• Apr 5, 2023 - 09:06

Dear MuseSounds team,
I am very happy with the new possibilities that MS4 and MuseSound offer in terms of playback.
As an accordionist, though, I would really appreciate an Accodion Library in the MuseSound Hub.
There are some VSTs on the market, but I have a hard time implenting these into MS4, as it crashes frequently with these and has long loading times. An in-built solution would be way more comfortable, also considering that the accordion is becoming more and more popular in orchestral contexts.
The instrument has many facettes and switches which allow plenty of different sound nuances on it. One single sound patch does not do the jon anymore.
If you have any question concerning that, I am very happy to help out.

Hope to hear from you guys and from the accoridon in future updates.



Yes please! It would be especially helpful for playback, if it understood the different register combinations (similar to organ stops) - the way it is today, it's often playing back in the wrong octave. There's also supposed to be a noticeable tone quality difference between the various reeds. And then there's the instrumental differences as well, ranging from the French Musette, to the very dry-tuned Bayan sounds.
I would really love it if playback also understood the concept of "legato" & slurs. The current accordion playback sound always has a sharp attack on each note, which just sounds bad.

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