MS4 bad performance

• Apr 5, 2023 - 09:23

I just created an empty score selecting the Classical Orchestra template.
I added a few notes here and there for just a couple of bars and I tried play it back.
The audio is glitching all over and from the moment I click on a note it takes something like 3 seconds to actually see the note being highlighted and played. Everything is laggy and audio is crackling and glitching.
I'm really having hard time switching from MS3 to MS4 even tho I love the work done and the restyling, but the software is still too bugged and the new and cool feautures are completely shadowed by the lack of what worked in MS3.

Windows 10
External sound card (which works well with tons of GB of vst libraries in Reaper)
Buffer size raised to 4096
I'm using the new MS soundfonts
PC's CPU is not at full capacity, it's actually sitting around 20% and it immediately goes to 50% when I click on a note
RAM is at 56% capacity after loading all soundfonts.


I have versions 3.6.2, 3.7 (development), 4.0.2 ... Because Mu4.xx is 'new', I won't even think about shifting to that version until at least 4.2.x or higher is released. Occasionally I'll check out 4.xx versions in the mean time.

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I am very excited and positively impressed by the new approach and I wish I could use MS4 right away.
But for now I'll have to stick to MS3 as well.
Even changing all the intruments to MS Basics soundfonts doesn't change a thing, everything is glitching and unlistenable

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Thank you for your reply. My PC meets all the specs.
I'm trying to follow the instructions suggested by your link but I'm haveing troubles finding the speaker icon in the taskbar: "Right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar". I can see no speaker icon on the score page, and I can't find any "taskbar" reference in any MS manual.
Ofc right clicking on the speaker icon present in the preferences menu doesn't do a thing.

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Yes, any one of the list of things to try might not work. On my under powered computers (not our problem) I had to do the whole list and it wasn't quite enough. Including lowering the Bit rate several steps. In the end, having the Mixer open and using a cheap usb audio interface is what worked for me.

OTOH, my desk top, which is older but meets the specs, runs MU4 well without adjustments. It uses integrated audio and not a card. Don't forget to select your audio device in MU4. Not default.

It's a matter of finding the right combination. Especially with the bit rate. On one computer I had to dial it down almost as far as it would go. Then bring it up a bit.

Should you have to go through all of this just to get software to work? As I see it, that's why all those settings are there to begin with. They let you fine tune your computer to your needs.

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I can run Reaper with multiple multichannel Kontakt instances with loads of GB of samples loaded into the RAM and part of them read directly from the SSD and have no glitching audio or problems at all.

I can say quite certainly, that this is a problem of MU4's optimization and not on my side. The proof on that it's that even with default soundfonts I'm not able to have a decent audio playback.

I am able to set my PC to have the best performances, no problem with that, but in this case I really think most of the problems reside on the software side and it's clunkiness in achieving what other softwares achieved without struggling that much (at least in terms of final performances).

If I have to drop fancy menu animations in favour of a smoother UX, I'd do that instantly.
As I said, I really appreciate the effort and the visible improvements that were made from MU3, but MU3 in all its non linear workflow and weird workarounds simply get the job done. MU4 might have simplified some feature and made them more intuitive, but it doesn't work as smooth as MU3 was.

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I agree that the problems are on the software side.
I use notation software for playback. I don't really care much about UI improvements or score appearance. Just playback.
And for the time being, I've had to make several adjustments, as well as adding an audio interface to some of my computers, to get acceptable playback. Then I move on to get to work doing what I want to do.

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