Why are some of my projects saved in subfolders, others not ?

• Apr 12, 2023 - 17:34

Musescore 4.
Why are some of my mscx projects saved in sub folders with other files, while others are just saved as one normal mscx file?
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From your picture...
It looks like score 0175.a (marked with the red arrow) was saved in an uncompressed format. That score folder contains the 0175.a.mscx file, as well as thumbnails and any relevant .json, .mss, and .xml files.
Those other "folder icons" shown in your picture were likely similarly saved. Such uncompressed folders house the .mscx file extension for the score.

The "normal" method of saving a score produces a file with an extension ".mscz". An .mscz file can be unzipped (e.g., use 7-zip) to unpack it into a folder which contains the .mscx file.
You picture additionally shows 0149.a.mscz, 0173.b.mscz, and 0174.a.mscz - all with the default (normal) file extension.

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